Greyhound Rescue

This poem was written for and is dedicated to Gail at Jersey Greyhound Rescue


There was a nice lady called Gail,

She had a dog with a long waggy tail,

It was a greyhound

That she had found

And rescued because he was frail.


Soon Gail found other sad hounds,

With very gloomy backgrounds.

She gave them a home,

And never did moan,

When her house was a doggy playground.


There were large dogs filling every part

Of Gail’s home right from the start.

They rested their heads

On all of the beds

And the only space left was Gail’s heart.


For Gail wanted to help even more;

But there was no room left on her floor

She needed some space

To give dogs a base

Or she would be pushed out the door!


So she set up the Greyhound Rescue,

A charity people could give to.

If you want to help Gail,

Re-home each waggy tail,

Please donate and the dogs will bark thank you!


If you would like to donate please click HERE to visit their website.

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