I can’t be with you

woman looking at sunset
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I can’t be with you

I wish I could

When I left that day

It was as I should


I’m not in our bed

Or driving our car

Walking our dog

Playing our guitar


I didn’t say farewell

Or explain why

I couldn’t reach out

Though I did try


Time stopped that hour

With my last tear

Not moving on

Frozen in fear


I prayed for peace

For courage and love

I watched as you slept

From far up above


As I reach out now

After such a long while

The ice is melting

Warmed by your smile


You have many friends

And loved ones who care

Your life is so precious

Please know they are there


My heart will be yours

No matter what may

I will love you forever

Faithful as the day


Release me to heaven

Knowing I am to be free

And that what we share now

Is the most special memory

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