Luca and Zach Play Hide and Seek

I have written this for my nephew Zach and my son Luca. I do have other stories in the works for my other nephews but this is the closest to being complete.

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On a hot sunny day sometime in May,

A Green Lizard called Luca was wanting to play.

He asked his mum if he could go out,

His mum said “yes but stay close about!”

So Luca the Lizard packed up his rucksack,

And went off to find his best friend Zach.


Zach was a squirrel who loved hide and seek,

And could often be found down by the creek.

He loved to run up and down in the trees,

And mostly Zach did just as he pleased.


Zach spied Luca the Lizard on his way to play,

And knew they would have lots of fun today.

Zach said let’s play hide and seek,

I’ll go first, I promise not to peek!

So Luca waited while Zach closed his eyes,

Then slinked off to find a good disguise.


He could climb along branches and hide in the trees,

And disappear completely in the wide green leaves,

Or he could hide by the water among the reeds,

Zach would never find him in those weeds.

But while he was planning where to stay,

Danger was lurking not far away.


As Luca looked for a hiding place,

Out of the grass came a cat’s ginger face.

It had big green eyes and long sharp claws,

It was creeping forward on its big cat paws.


In Luca’s rush to get away from the cat,

He slipped and fell into the water. Splat!

He was carried away in the flow of the stream,

Swirling and whirling, he let out a scream.

But this noise attracted a bird of prey,

Who then dived toward Luca and took him away!


Meanwhile Zach got to ten (the biggest number he knew),

And scurried up a tall tree to get a good view.

But as he climbed something very strange caught his eye,

A beast with two heads and six legs flew by.


Zach thought to himself – I know one of those heads!

That long green body, those short stumpy legs!

They belong to a Green Lizard I know,

Oh dear where do you think the bird will go?


Thinking fast Zach leapt up the tree,

To ask for a lift from his friend Billy the bee.

He knew he was small but he was super strong,

But Zach was too heavy as they flew along.


“Don’t let them get away Billy the bee”

Luca’s my best friend we must catch up you see,

But poor old Billy was losing height,

And then…Zach was given such a fright.

Luca was wriggling and squirming so much,

That he fell out of the bird’s weakening clutch.


“Dive! Dive! Zach yelled as Luca fell through the sky,

“We can catch him I think, we aren’t that high.”

Billy put his head down and buzzed and bizzed,

And with a final spurt of speed he whizzed.

As Luca got closer to the ground,

Zach spied a branch to wrap his tail around.


He jumped from the honeybee onto the tree,

And secured his tail so it wouldn’t break free.

He stretched his arms out as far as they went,

And reached out for Luca to stop his descent.

He caught him and they spun around and around,

And then dizzily landed on the ground.


“Wow” said Luca “that was completely insane.”

“That was fun” Zach said “let’s play it again!”

As they recovered from this crazy adventure,

Zach said with a smile, “it’s your turn to be catcher!”

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