You bEtsy

Hi again

I recently decided to set up an Etsy shop for digital downloads of the art I have been creating and you can visit my Etsy shop by clicking here. 

Having shared my Etsy shop on facebook I was asked to do some work for a friend and when I had that printed at the Framing Workshop I realised how much I love this type of creation. Since then I have done a few more commissions and really enjoy working on a particular project for someone. I have also framed a few pictures for myself and I am so happy with them. I have been getting my work printed at the Framing Workshop and the Giclee prints from there have been great quality. The colours on screen really translate to  paper so well using this technique.

Here are a few examples of the work I like to do. Living in Jersey and being a sailor I am always inspired by our beautiful surroundings.




You can download the artwork on Etsy or contact me and I can arrange for the printing and delivery of your artwork myself.

I hope you like my work. If you want any prints or if you are interested in a commission, get in touch at 

Take care and thanks for your interest,



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