Jersey Festival of Words 2019

Hey there!

I just posted my entries into the 2019 Jersey Festival Of Words. I have no clue how they will be received as they may not be the usual sort of work received but it’s always good to try new things right!?

I watched the videos of the previous years and was really impressed by the standard shown and also how enthusiastic the young people were there, asking questions and joining in workshops. I have to be honest, I have been working towards being an author and when I think of my dream becoming a reality I do find the nerves creeping in when I think about the publicity that involves. Not to get ahead of myself but I believe that if I work hard enough, and it’s meant to be, then I can achieve whatever I want, so one day I might have to stand up in front of hundreds of people and talk about my books and read some of them out loud…on stage. Scary! I have booked my tickets to go and watch several of the shows and will try and learn as much about the publishing process along the way.

I have just had an idea for a new book so I will be working on that over the summer holidays, along with looking after my gorgeous son Luca and doing a bit of art when I get the time. This story involves reaching inside the imagination of an enthusiastic young boy (probably a boy as I can’t help but take some of my inspiration from Luca). I am hoping that being able to see what he sees will bring joy to children and adults, the illustration, as always, will be key.

Ok I have to run, time for nursery collection.

Thanks for reading, I am grateful as always x Anna



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