How do I find an editor for my children’s book?

This article on Kindlepreneur is helpful so I would recommend starting with this. The specifics are American based but overall I thought it was worth a share.

The article recommends some editorial services, some of which I have included here for ease but I have not tested these (no affiliate links):

Reedsy which I hadn’t previously come across. Reedsy has details of editors,  designers and marketers for authors.

Ebook while this site can help with cover design and formatting at well, I have included the link to their editing page.

Servicescape This site offers links to editors, translators and graphic designers.

Upwork This site allows you to post a listing stating what you need someone to do and Upwork analyses the best matches for you and sends you a select list of possible professionals to meet your needs.

Fiverr There are lots of children’s book editors on Fiverr. I have used this service and did find it helpful (see my journey below). You do need to vet the people carefully because anyone can join and offer any service on Fiverr from what I understand so the quality will vary.

What services do editors offer?

It was really helpful to research this as I wasn’t sure what editors did before, I just knew I needed one!

Essentially the options offered are:

  1. Content editing – looks at the book overall to check for obvious issues.
  2. Substantive editing – an examination of each line to check and refine the flow of the book
  3. Copy editing – checks grammar, punctuation, spelling and other errors with the language.
  4. Proof reading – this is the final check before you to go print where someone looks for typos etc. but is not looking at the story or the bigger picture.

My journey to finding an editor

An editor I used some time ago was from Fiverr, her user name was BMHopkins1992.  She went through my story and checked the rhyme, the grammar and punctuation and made a few suggestions where she thought something didn’t work. It was really helpful and she had a lovely manner. It made me realise I had more work to do but looking back I do think I had a good story and I may have over edited it myself since! A really helpful service she offered was comparing my story to similar ones already on the market.

I recently met a fellow aspiring children’s author from Jersey by putting a notice on my personal FB page asking if anyone knew of any Jersey authors. It was so great meeting her and reading her work. She put me in touch with an editor she had been recommended: Natascha Biebow who runs Blue Elephant Story Shaping.  At the time of writing Natascha edits for Five Quills, Penguin Random House, Thames & Hudson. I thought that was a good recommendation!

I have contacted Natascha in relation to her Detailed Editorial Review option where she will have an in-depth look at your picture book and provide comments and notations and suggest possible revisions. She offers a range of services though – see her services and fees here.

I am going to commission her to look at 6 of my picture books as there is a discount for volume and also one of my sticking points is knowing which book to self-publish first.  I fall in and out of love with them every time I go back to each one so I need someone impartial and in the know!

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions about the editing process let me know at and I will see if I can add more information for you.


Much love, Anna

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