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I am an aspiring writer and I live in Jersey in the Channel Islands. I am on a journey to publishing some children’s books and I wanted to share my experiences with you. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of resources for Jersey writers but I am updating this site as I collect more information. Please feel free to send me any additional information that I can add to the list.

How Can I find Jersey Authors?

I am hoping to set up a website called Jersey Writers with the aim of listing all the Jersey authors and writers I can find (and who want to be listed). If you are an aspiring writer with an online profile or a published author, please contact me at and I will add your information to the list.

See my blog post for more details of the writers I have found that live in Jersey, Channel Islands so far.

Publishing in Jersey, Channel Islands. 

Ok so my research has lead me all over but here’s some of the things I have found so far:

I found a Jersey Writers Social Group on Facebook. At the time of writing they meet weekly in the Jersey Library which of course is a great resource in itself.

Local writing competitions. 

The Festival of Words includes an annual competition.

Channel Island Children’s Book Award is a competition for children to enter.

The Jersey Evening Post is also a good place to check for local competitions.

Where can I find a Jersey Illustrator?

There are so many really talented Jersey artists it’s crazy. We are truly spoiled in Jersey as you can see from the Go Wild Gorillas Project for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Local artists painted gorillas and they were placed all around the Island for people to discover. It was huge and it really show cased all the talented artists. But is art the same as illustration and is an artist the same as an illustrator? Well, I am pitching myself as a writer so of course lots of artists can learn to illustrate but it is a specific talent.

You can find a list of local artists on etc Skipton Open Studios website.

Creators HQ has a list of illustrators here.

As I say, this is a work in progress, please let me know if I am missing some useful information.

Good luck with your writing journey, I would love to hear about it. My e-mail is

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