You Tube for Children’s Authors

I have been watching YouTube like it’s my full time job recently. General searches for publishing children’s books haven’t been as helpful as you would expect, but months of researching on google, speaking to real people in real life, engaging with people on writers groups and listening to multiple podcasts, has lead to a list of useful YouTube videos for aspiring children’s book authors.

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YouTube videos for children’s books

This is a work in progress and I will add more as I discover them.

I haven’t included the top videos that come up ay the top on a YouTUbe search on this topic as you can check those out easily yourself and they are quite a mixed bag.

On a slightly different but equally important note, there are videos that relate to a creative mindset. My guru here is Elizabeth Gilbert and Big Magic. There are a few YouTube videos that are great – but please read the book (or get the audiobook), it’s amazing.

No pressure right?! GET THE BOOK! Basically this text is a literary permission slip to follow your heart but in a way that won’t break it, or you.

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