Buying my first ISBNs today

I am happy to share with you an extract from my first book “I Am” and I am happy that I am buying my first 10 ISBNs today! No point just getting the one for £89 when you can get 10 for £164. If you don’t know ISBN means International Standard Book Number and it is really important if you want to sell and be able to find your book among the billions of books out there.

I am buying these ISBNs from Nielsen UK Store as I am about to publish my first book with KDP.

If you have an e-book that needs a different ISBN to your paperback and a hardback version requires another ISBN. I am not publishing a hardback of my first book “I Am”. I don’t think it is the sort of book that needs one.

This is another page from I Am. This is totally different to any of my other books which are almost all rhyming stories. I will also be getting the other books professionally illustrated whereas this one was an experiment to see if I could put something together myself using Canva.

Ok that’s enough for now, more to come!

Thanks for reading.

Anna xx

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