White Art

I have created some art for some friends but I am fairly sure that as I barely promote this page it will be safe to post these here and they won’t see. One of the ladies I have drawn this for is not only beautiful in every way but she does loads of charity work for a charity I love. I really wanted to create something I haven’t done before. She loves white so I tried to keep the art really simple and pale.

This one would look better in a white frame I think. It doesn’t really work here. Very simple.

Similar to the first image but really pared back and colour free. Again, it needs to be framed really well. The more simple something is the better quality it has to be.

I couldn’t help but try this with a different background colour as I love a bit of colour myself. I have such eclectic tastes.

This simple stripe design is something I love doing and it is so simple it is crazy really but I am still drawn to it so I will keep working on the style until I figure out what I am meant to do with it.

This is another example of me being unable to stick to a non-colour palette.

Oops, and again!

Anyway, that’s it for now. Hope you like them.

Thanks for visiting,

Anna xx

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