Returning to Work (and more about me)

Hi again!

I am starting a new job tomorrow (17 Sept 2019). I wasn’t planning to go back to work just yet as I was focusing on Luca and my writing but I was offered the dream job, working with fantastic people and doing part time hours, term time only.

My CV is a bit crazy when I think about it. Since I had Luca I have done levels 2 and 3 CPCAB counselling, I became an Advanced EFT Practitioner, I have written 7+ books (which I am getting ready to publish) and I have been selling art.

Before Luca I had lived 4 ‘lives’ pursuing various careers. Not in a flakey way I hope; I simply took opportunities that came my way.


I wanted to be a lawyer from when I was about 12. I did my law degree and barristers exams and worked in Jersey doing family law and personal injury law and criminal law mainly.


I had always wanted to go travelling but had never wanted to go away while my beautiful Nanna was alive. Nanna wasn’t well and I used to see her pretty much every day. Eventually though she seemed ok and had lots of people looking after her and I asked her if it was ok that I went. She was fine and so I took a year out to travel the world…or rather the usual places everyone seems to visit on their RTW adventure.

While I was travelling I used the time to do some writing. It was the first time I had done any creative writing in a while. I wrote 70,000 words in fact but I doubt they will ever see the light of day.

Interior Design

When I returned home I worked with Morton and Morton on the interior design at La Place Hotel and Cottages. Then I did several other big design projects.


I set up a company called Anina helping people sell their products locally (I live in Jersey in the Channel Islands). I just maintain the Facebook page now as I don’t have the time to run this just now but hope to reinstate it one day.

Trust admin

I worked for a trust company for a few years before leaving work to have Luca. I really gained a lot from the time I was working again. It was so good to have a routine and a regular income but more than that I really appreciated the support of the great people there.


I had Luca and was really really lucky to adore the baby stage. I know it is not a given and some people find this stage so much harder than they feel comfortable admitting because it is ‘meant to be’ one of the happiest times of your life. People aren’t always prepared for how hard it will be and I think that was my saving grace. I expected to find it almost impossible; I was prepared to struggle. So when it wasn’t as hard as I was expecting it was a relief in a way. I also have an incredibly supportive and fully engaged husband. But it is a challenging time; you are very tired (from the pregnancy, birth and then the lack of sleep) and you are adapting to a very intense new regime which is also the most important thing you will ever do. You have to keep the most precious gift alive and well, with no training and no clue. I have been blessed with a keen sense of trust in my own instincts and I think this has transformed my experience of having a baby. Luca is 2.5 as I write and I definitely have to trust my instincts more than ever now.

Back to Law

I specialised in family law when I did law all those lifetimes ago and that is what I am returning to at Corbett Le Quesne. I was so lucky in my first job to have incredible colleagues and amazing bosses. I am so excited to say that I am going to be just as fortunate working with equally supportive, fair minded and forward thinking people now.

Living the Dream?

Writing this I am a bit conscious that I may sound like I am tooting my own horn. I also think I must sound very lucky. I have worked really hard to achieve all of the above and I also like to try new things. I recently met up with a friend who has also tried his hand at several careers and I was struck but how some people just like living this way. We want to learn and venture into the unknown. We want to meet new people and follow our interests no matter how varied. I am almost 40 so I have had a few years to do all this too! So while I write I will also be a lawyer again. Wish me luck!

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