Santa’s Slippers – My First Children’s Christmas Book

I have just finished the first draft of Santa’s Slippers.

I want to write a book for each holiday or special time of year. I love the idea of reading one of my books to Luca for Halloween and Christmas and Easter etc.

Christmas is my favourite time of year so that had to be my first book but I also really love having a big party at Halloween, so that will be my next one. I don’t suppose I will get anything out for sale until next year at the earliest but I can still read it to Luca.

The next phase after finishing a first draft is to show it to some trusted readers. I am lucky to have friends who will be honest and supportive and handle criticism very diplomatically. It is really important to me that they are honest but I don’t need them to be mean! I have still worked hard to get a first draft together. Rhyming stories are really hard work to get right and when I finish the first draft I like to think that I have most of the rhyme down but I also know that I am too close to it by that stage.

This is the first double page spread…

Calling all Elves to the wrapping shelves!  

My slippers have disappeared.

I’ve have searched Prancer’s hay,

I’ve looked under the sleigh,

I’ve even checked in my beard.

Yes it is a story about Santa losing his slippers so it isn’t the most meaningful or groundbreaking book you will ever read. However, I hope it will be sweet and funny, and with a great illustrator it could come alive.

It is also a tad early to start the Christmas chat but apparently this book would need to be ready pretty soon to be ready for sale by next Christmas if I found a traditional publisher.

I will keep you up to date with my Halloween book…something spooky…ooh I can’t wait to get started!

Thanks for stopping by,

Anna xx


  1. This sounds goods. May I suggest you share it as a free ebook and gain feedback. Keep working on your book. I am working on my 4th book and almost done. It is a hard hard journey but I live it. I blog about my process and art and I just wanted to encourage you to keep going and never apologize for your ideas. When your ready you can share the book with your child’s class.


    • I will check out your books, I didn’t think I could put it out there as an ebook until I had some illustrations as I know how much they form part of the book for kids (and adults! I love the illustrations as much as my son!). Thanks so much for the support and ideas, I will check yours out now. Take care and keep going too! Anna

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      • Your welcome. My latest Road Trip lessons for life will be free soon. I’ll be redoing my site to include a section on my book process. Your post called put to me because I feel you.


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