Children’s Authors Groups, Memberships and Subscriptions

How can you find your writing tribe?

It can take a while to realise there is a whole community of like minded people out there. There is no need to be shy. But if you are, join a group, stay quiet for a while, figure it out and gain confidence.

These may be your people. They want to do the same thing as you; they want to write for children. Most people I know that are passionate about writing entertaining and educational books for children are pretty nice. So why not connect with some like-minded peeps and share experiences, information and support.

There are various ways you can find people including local groups, online facebook groups, follow and connect with people you admire on instagram, twitter or Pinterest. Check out your local library and if you are brave enough you could even contact local authors. Most areas have some kind of creative network at their local community centre or theatre. You may find a whole world opens up to you. You may even get a story idea.

Writing can be a lonely profession, your mental health is really important. I follow the Creative Penn and she has written a book about this called The Healthy Writer because she has realised how important it is to look after your health as a writer. For my part I like writing in my bedroom and I need to get over that! I need to use my summer house (aka shed in the garden) and get to pilates or yoga occasionally! I am sorting this out ASAP and looking after myself.


This post is a work in progress and I am adding to it as I find new resources (please feel free to send me more ideas):

Writers’ Societies 

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

Facebook Groups

When I started researching self publishing my children’s books I joined several FB groups for authors. Most of these are closed groups that you have to send a request to join.

These are some of my favourite groups:

Children’s Book Authors and Illustrators: Publishing, Marketing and Selling

Jersey Writers Social Group

Writers Helping Writers

Amazon Children’s Book Reviewers

A Place to Promote Children’s Books


Publishers Weekly

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any feedback or information I can add. I will add to this over time.

Anna x

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