The Colour Monsters

I am writing a few books that people will be able to download on PDF or Kindle so that I can give away something fun when people buy my books. I have had problems uploading this book to Amazon but I have it on kindle so if you have KU (Kindle Unlimited) it is free to download.

The Colour Monsters is available on Amazon and this link will take you to Amazon Smile. I like to link to Smile at Amazon because then money from all your purchases goes to your chosen charity.

The Colour Monsters by Anna Styles

I have just set up my first free promotion so you can download it from Friday 29th November until Sunday 1st December 2019 for free. I haven’t tried and tested this so do get in contact if there are any issues.

Screen shot of Kindle Free Book Promotion

The Colour Monsters is very simple. Red monster has lost his friends and he wants some help finding them. Each monster is a different colour and likes doing a different activity. Each colour is spelled out next to the monster.

Mr Red from The Colour Monsters by Anna Styles
Purple Monster from The Colour Monsters by Anna Styles
Purple from The Colour Monsters by Anna Styles

I haven’t had much time to work on my other books but as I am saving for an illustrator anyway I have been trying to focus on these ones before Chistmas.

Free promotions on Kindle

If you are an author with a book on Kindle and want to do a free promotion you can go to your KDP bookshelf page and click on the button ‘Promote and Advertise’ and then you will see two options for offers you can make. Click on ‘Free Book Promotion’ and then choose your dates. You can only do 5 days at a time maximum and it only allows 5 days free every 90 days. Make sure if you do a promotion you use the days wisely and hopefully people can give you some good reviews when they download your book on their kindle for free.

Screen shot Kindle bookshelf
Screen shot Kindle promotion and advertising page

You can use the kindle app on your iphone or other phone now, you do not need a kindle.

This is a very simple book and I really hope to be in a position to find an illustrator who can help me with my longer rhyming story books soon. When I don’t get much time to write at least I get to spend time creating with this little man…love him.

Thanks as always for your support, Anna xx

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