Child’s Play

This is my first rhyming children’s book. Woo! Other than The Colour Monsters but that isn’t in print, that is going to be a free download when I get the chance to sort that out.

So what’s it about? It gives children an idea about lots of different sports they may not know much about, and along with the rhyme you can join in with the sport if you like. I tend to read the rhyme to my little boy and then tell him a bit more about what we can do and explain to him what’s happening in the pictures but it’s up to you.

Swimming – dive in with your imagination…

I want to be really honest here, although I am really excited to get this into print and I hope you love reading it with your children, it isn’t the book I wanted to release next. I have several projects I am working on but I can’t afford the illustration yet and I want get a really great illustrator (a local one from Jersey for my Jersey books and Keenan Hopson for my other series).

But I don’t want to be negative! I am excited. I have spent a crazy amount of time on this getting the artwork right and formatting it and trying to make sure the rhymes work and make sense and that children will get something from every page.

In the next few months I am really hoping that one of my talented friends will be making some felt characters for me and I can use these to make my book. Her business is called Skaapie. She makes her own felt and then makes the most lovely creations – I just bought some Christmas baubles, some Christmas trees, a letter to Santa decoration and a fox and an elf from Skaapie at Simply Christmas.

I will then use them with some of my own artwork to create my next book, and maybe a Christmas one. I love the elf and Christmas trees and the little letter to Santa is so sweet. I can imagine a whole forest of felt trees in a book one day.

Skaapie felt at Christmas

Anyway, I hope you have a great day, thanks for reading. If you want to buy Child’s Play you can get it from Amazon. It’s £5.99. I haven’t started selling any books locally yet but that’s one of my ambitions for 2020.

See you soon, Anna xx

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