Work in Progress

Hey guys

I am currently working on my first books and I have set this website up partly to document my progress and introduce you to some of the characters.

I have almost completed a book about a little creature who lives in the Alphabet of a little boy’s bedroom. Here’s a sneak preview of him created for me by Keenan Hopson using Fiverr.


I also want to introduce two lovebirds to you, Jack and Jade. They were living very happily together until they were sold to two separate families. This story is about the pets they meet that help them find each other again.

My little boy Luca gets super excited when he sees garbage trucks and we follow the dustbin men around our estate every Friday. Naturally I had to write a book about a garbage truck and a little boy overly excited by his weekly visit. The Hungry Truck is in its final stages now. I am working on illustrations for this as I think if I want to do anything with it I will have to self publish. This is a long progress for someone who is not an illustrator but I don’t currently have the cash to pay someone to do it so I am having a go. I am developing my style as an illustrator and that is also a long progress!

My current favourite new project though is about a visit to the vet’s office. I am personally not a fan of taking our Labrador Harvey to the vet but this vet’s office would definitely be an interesting site.

My dream of writing children’s books may be a big one but I really enjoy the process so even if I just read them to Luca I am still happy with that. However, one day I hope to see some of my books in print in a real bookstore.

Thanks for stopping by.




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