Waterfall illustration


I am writing a story that results in the main character having to find this waterfall. I created this for an illustration for a children’s book rather than as a piece of art. I am pretty pleased with it, especially as I have never done anything like this before.

It isn’t finished, but I was pretty peeved when I realised I hadn’t set the Procreate page up with sufficient DPI for a book illustration. I think this means I have to start again this time. I will post the second version, but be prepared for it to look nothing like this one.

The thing I enjoyed most about creating this image was drawing the jungle. I loved the leaves and the different shapes and colours and had intended to make it much thicker and more developed. I also worked hard to create the illusion of the rocks at the base of the pool. As this waterfall is meant to be magical and designed for a children’s book I could add in the sparkly splashes and pink reeds.

On the bottom right I have added a small frog and I was really delighted with him, although you can barely see him. I want to add a lot more animals to the next version.

If you want to know more about teaching myself Procreate and what brushes I have used etc just let me know.




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