Choosing and Changing a Title and a Front Cover

The original name of my first book was I Am… but today I changed it to I Am…Like A Rainbow. I had some rainbow references in the book and I felt I Am… was just too short.

I have used Canva for the illustration for this book. I have found an amazing illustrator for my books but I am still saving up to pay him so in the meantime I wanted to try and do something myself. I am using Amazon KDP to print the books so I designed the whole book through Canva then saved it as a PDF (print quality) and then I uploaded it to KDP.

My original cover included a person looking happy and a friendly fox. It was very simple and when I got the proof back from Amazon it just didn’t look like a proper cover.

My new cover feels bright and cheerful although I am not sure you would know what sort of book it is. All of the other books I have written are story books so that are a bit easier to style a cover for.

It is hard to know whether I am doing a good job. This is my first time doing anything like this and I really want to do well. The purpose of this book is to help people. It isn’t a nice fun story like my other books. However, I don’t want it to be preachy or dull. I want it to be something that carers and children can still enjoy looking through. I love the bright colours in the interior and I am going to produce some free downloads to go with it.

Feedback is welcome and if you want to but this book it will be available soon on Amazon! I will post when it is live.

Thanks for your support,

Anna xx

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